Mother of God

Although Mary knew that God had no absolute need of her, she willingly did what God did ask from her.  Therefore let us do well what God does ask from us.  Accept cheerfully the inconveniences He sends us, and carry willingly the crosses He lays upon us.  Whatever sufferings God asks us to accept, let us accept them well.  God has no need of us, but if we leave ourselves in His hands He will use us to bring about His glory in the souls of others.  If God wants to manifest His glory He can do it in whatever way He chooses.  From the practical point of view we should be ready to do whatever God asks from us, e.g., we should think that in this seemingly small thing God is using us!  God is asking us to do something for Him now as He asked Mary to do something for Him.  So we should try to do it as Mary would do it.

Into every action can be brought the perfection and love of Mary.


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