Consecration to Mary

If I were really convinced of the power of Mary’s prayers I would pray to her with absolute confidence in the efficacy of one who is nearest to God.  If I really wanted those graces I would be determined in asking.  Perhaps I do not ask because only too often I want my own will.  Mary in all her prayers wanted God’s Will and His glory.  That was her vehement desire.  It was the power of her prayers that brought God to this world.  Therefore one devoted to the Mother of God must have unbounded confidence in her prayers to God.  Also we must confide to her our work of bringing Christ to others.  Mary’s task was to give Christ to the world.  To do that perfectly she gave herself unreservedly to God.  Likewise, God will only further our work for Him in the measure that we give ourselves to Him.  The whole point of this consecration is to give ourselves entirely to God as Mary gave herself entirely to Him, and to ask her to perfect that offering in us.


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