Confidence in Mary

Some, it seems, have more trust in the saints than in our Blessed Lady for material things.  But in what family does a child turn to its brother or sister before turning to its mother?  That is the trust that we must have in Mary.  We must pray knowing that she will hear us because she is our mother and we are her children.  We would do well to examine the qualities of our trust in Mary.  A child that loves its parents trusts them implicitly and has unbounded confidence in them.  That is the type of confidence we should have in Mary.  We know that she can and therefore she will!

Therefore let us approach her with confidence and beg from her all the graces that we need.  If God could place the greatest gift of all, His own Divine Son, in Mary, is it so surprising that He should place a much lesser gift which is His grace?  When we hear the expression that all graces come to us through Mary let us not be surprised but rather let us acknowledge the logical conclusion, that she who gave the Greater can be the means of the lesser.

Which graces do we need?  Let us then ask with confidence from Mary.  We should pray to her confidently and with submission for all the graces that we need for ourselves, and for those that we desire for others.  This should give us greater confidence that Mary will aid our work for God.  When working for the glory of God, consecrate that work to Mary, the Mediatrix of All Graces, and beg from her the results that we wish to see in the souls of others.

The Immaculate Way


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  1. Great post. It makes me think of the Fourth Commandment, which is the only one that has a promise that follows. By honoring our mother and father we will have a long and happy life. God Bless you for this post.

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