Faith in Mary

Each of us has what might be termed a ‘sphere of influence.’  No matter what we are, whether priests or religious, or living in the world, we are all in contact with others.  Through our influence it can be for their spiritual good either directly or indirectly.  We could be the door through which Mary enters and acts.  It depends on ourselves whether or not we offer ourselves entirely to her.  Our actions affect other people.  Why not then place those actions in the hands of Our Blessed lady and beseech her to use us in them and guide us for the greater glory of Jesus Christ.

There is the answer to our lack if success in the work of conversion.  Have we that real faith in Mary?

As a little resolution following on these thoughts why not place your very next act for others in the hands of Mary?  Deliberately invite Our Lady to take charge.  Try to do what she would do and not what you want to do.  In other words submit your will to hers.  Let us not forget that even though working for the sanctification of others, our most important work is the sanctification of our own soul.  Therefore we should use every means possible to attain to perfect union with God.  Beseech Mary then to bring the Holy Ghost to our souls.  Mary is indeed the Mediatrix of All Graces.  But one thing depends on ourselves.  Are we willing to give ourselves to Mary, and wholeheartedly allow ourselves to be guided by her?

The Immaculate Way


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