Devotion to Mary – III

Therefore, if we seek Mary in everything, praying to her, through her, we are asking Mary to perfect the Will of God in us and to glorify God in us.

That, of course, must have its practical application for us.  Mary must be before us in everything.  The beauty of devotion to Mary is that we can still profit by all that the saints teach us, no matter what spiritual school attracts us, and at the same time gain immeasurably from the Mother of God herself.  Whatever guidance we draw from the saints can be obtained through Mary, i.e., they may teach me a way, but I pray for those graces through Mary, and with their help I practice the virtues they demand as Mary would practice them.

Therefore knowing that we are expected to strive after perfection, are we using all the means possible to attain that end?  We must bear in mind our own weak, spiritual nature.  Can we leave aside that immense help Mary can give us?  Can we hope to attain great union w/God entirely by ourselves?  Just reflect that God’s title for Mary was ‘full of grace.’  What must have been the glory of her soul at her Immaculate Conception?  As St. Louis-Marie expresses it: ‘Mary was full of grace when she was greeted by the Archangel Gabriel, & she was superabundantly filled with grace by the Holy Ghost when He overshadowed her, and this two-fold plenitude she so increased from day to day, from moment to moment that she has reached an immense, an inconceivable degree of grace.’

The Immaculate Way


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