Devotion to Mary – IV

Here again one is reminded that one must always be ready to do the work that God wants one to do.  If we are perfectly devoted to Mary, our own personal preference will not enter into the question.  We will look upon it as a task given us for the glory of Our Lady.

            Then we will have every confidence in her that as long as we are doing our best, she will draw good from it, for the glory of her Divine Son.  Montfort says that they will be great souls.  And that is the crying need of the day.  We need great saints because of the great enemies of God.  Apart from all the forces of materialism, there is all the indifferentism that one encounters so frequently.  Consider the apathy of many Catholics.  There is a great need for tremendous sanctity in all walks of the Christian life – the Priesthood, the Religious Life and the Laity.  We are all called to sanctity in whatever way of life God has called us.  The minimum level of Christianity will not be any incentive to the masses around us.  They need examples of great holiness.  They need people who have power with God to bring down many graces on them.  That is why those who are thoroughly devoted to Mary are supported by her whose task it is to crush the head of satan.

            Why not then place your work for God directly in the hands of Mary?

            Let your life be illuminated by her the Immaculate Virgin, Our Lady of Light.

            Let your soul be nourished by Mary and brought up under her care.  Allow yourself to be led by her the perfect model of holiness.  Be supported by her who has the power of an army set in battle array, relying on the support of Mary in whatever task you undertake for God.  Let Mary shelter you because it is she that satan fears.  How that Mystical Body of Christ would be strengthened and built up if only we allowed Mary dominion over us.  Let us never forget that through Mary the salvation of the world was begun. 

The Immaculate Way


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