Consecration to Mary – I

Each of us could use this grace of devotion to Mary to its utmost if only our wills were docile to her.  That of course will only come about if we strive to follow the example of Mary in all our actions.  Then her spirit will be dominant in us.

Consecrated to Mary we will be under the watchful eye of her whose task it is to crush the head of the serpent.  Satan will find it difficult to overcome souls consecrated to Mary precisely because she will be working in them and through them.  He can never overcome Our Lady.  That is why we should surrender ourselves completely to her power.  We should examine ourselves on the obstacles which we raise against the complete reign of Mary in our hearts, especially the barriers of pride and self-love.

Let us examine ourselves on this point.  How many things do we foster in our daily life which we know are against the Will of God.  Yet our aim must be to cultivate a hatred for them.  God placed an enmity between Mary and satan!  A few minutes thought on that point alone and its implications for us will give us an indication of the sincerity of our devotion to the Mother of God.  There can be no neutrality in this war!  ‘He that is not with Me is against Me.’  Just let our minds reflect on those occasions when we are not ‘with’ our Blessed Lord.  We would do well to remember also that warning ‘Being what thou art, lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, thou wilt make Me vomit thee out of My mouth.’  Our attitude really means that we are keeping God waiting until we find the conditions favorable.

The Immaculate Way



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