Fidelity to Mary

The enmity is between the seed of Mary and the seed of satan.  Mary is the spiritual Mother of mankind.  Therefore all her children must share in that hatred.  The more we give ourselves to Mary, the more will we have that detestation of the things of satan.  This will be one of the graces of our devotion to the Mother of Christ.  It will come through Mary, provided we adopt a positive attitude and love of the things she loves.  Needless to say we can always start to love the things she loves.

‘Thus the most terrible enemy that God has raised up against satan, is Mary, His holy Mother.’  This should give us some realization that satan will attack furiously all truly devoted to Mary.  He hates her and consequently he hates anyone who is willing to serve her or is starting out on the road of service to the Mother of God.  The temptations will be measured according to the progress one is making in the way of Mary.  Beginners will be tempted to give up the practices that they began in such fervor.  They will be tempted to ease off the earnestness with which they began to try doing all things through Mary, forgetful that habits are only acquired by dint of repetition.  Satan will insinuate laxer interpretations of methods of performing one’s obligations to Mary.  Once we begin to loosen our grip on the actual living of our consecration, the devil can soon cause us to forget about it altogether.

How many people have made the consecration some time or other, and then given it up, not deliberately, but just gradually, letting it slip from their grasp?  Why?  The only answer is that they relaxed their efforts.  If a person wants to live this consecration to Mary he must seriously consider the meaning of hatred of sin and strive to apply it to his own life.

The Immaculate Way


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