Living the Consecration

‘Mary saved by obedience.’  Obviously then that should be the ideal of our life – absolute and perfect conformity to the Will of God.  And no matter what it asks from us.  After all, whom do we obey when we disobey the Will of God?  That arch-enemy of God and Mary, satan.  We should determine to ensure that in every action of ours we obey only one voice, that of the Immaculate Mother of God so that we may obey Her Son the more perfectly.

We could meditate profitably on this passage of St. Louis-Marie.  Here is a test as to whether our consecration to Mary is meaningless or not.  What is our reaction to the spirit of the world?  How do we think and speak when we know something is being done against the Will of God?  Are we afraid at times to show our disapproval or do we allow our silence to be taken as a tacit approval?  Are there not times when we approve by our words when we know that what is being done is wrong?  Would Our Lady act or speak as we do in such circumstances?  It is rather strange that some people who wish to be devout are timid when such practical occasions present themselves.  They have their principles, but are afraid to act or speak on them.  What sort of love of God is this where He is sacrificed to human respect?  Although we say we love Him, we are afraid to stand by Him!  What is our reaction when the spirit of Christ is ignored by others?  In other words we are afraid to suffer in the cause of right, even if it be only from a mild form of bantering!

 The Immaculate Way


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