Devotion to Mary – V

How can we expect Our Lady to guard us against satan when we are leaving a door deliberately open for him to enter?  As it were, we are in the ridiculous position of being on our knees before Our Lady asking her to preserve us from satan while at the same time keeping the door ajar for him!

‘She will always unmask his serpent’s cunning, she will expose his infernal plots, she will scatter to the winds his devilish counsels and to the end of time will safeguard her faithful servants from his cruel claw.’  The devil will try all ways to lead us from the path of perfection.  He is a past master in the fine art of keeping out of sight so that we do not even sense that he is there.  But if we are seriously devoted to Mary she will enlighten us.  For example the devil will tempt us into disobedience, but not directly.  He will suggest to us the faults of those in authority and thus undermine our spirit of faith.  Again, he will tempt us to spiritual pride by showing us the weaknesses of others, tempting us to consider ourselves better than them.  Our Lady helps us to see those traps in time and thus avoid falling into them.

First and foremost this must be done in our own soul.  It is no good visualizing the world being brought to the feet of Christ if we neglect ourselves.  We must hesitate at nothing in order to give Mary full power over us in crushing the head of satan.

The Immaculate Way



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