Devotion to Mary – VI

Could we imagine God not wanting His Mother more known, loved and honored?  Every act of love of Mary resounds to the glory of God.  Her life in heaven is one continuous Magnificat, a perpetual song of praise.  For every act of love offered to Mary, God is receiving greater praise from her.  Mary shows the purpose of creation – that God may be glorified in His creatures.  As God created us solely for His external glory and our own happiness, everything that resounds to that glory will be welcomed by Him.  Thus Montfort excels himself in his prophecy of the Apostles of the Latter Times, because they shall give the greatest glory to God by glorifying Him in His most resplendent creature, Mary.  Like an army in battle array they shall stand in the reflected glory of Our Lady and share in her God-given power in crushing the head of satan.

As the first prophecy of Revelation ‘I shall place enmities between thee and the woman’ has to be fulfilled throughout the ages, it means that God Who uttered that prophecy, is, in His infinite and divine Wisdom bringing it about throughout the ages.  Consequently He is bringing Our Lady more and more before the minds of men.  No wonder then that He will want her more known, more loved and more honored than she has ever been by mankind.  It is all part of the plan of God that Mary is to come forth like the rising sun over the world, gradually taking possession of the hearts of men – of their souls – because that is the kingdom in which satan is to be crushed and conquered.

The soul of man is the battleground.  Therefore Mary must be brought to men, that they may know her & love her and honor her and through her allow Christ their King and Savior to rule over them.  Thus we can understand de Montfort’s thought that God, in raising up His saints, will raise up people of tremendous devotion to the Immaculate Mother of His Divine Son.  They will be the elite of His army in crushing satan.

The Immaculate Way


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