Priests of Mary

Priests must be ever mindful that the faithful will follow them in devotion to Mary.  If their devotion is mediocre that of the faithful will be mediocre too.  If, on the other hand, theirs is white-hot, so likewise will be that of the faithful.

And if their devotion to Mary is white-hot, satan will be opposed by the greatest barrier preventing him from taking possession of those souls.

As priests let us ask ourselves: ‘What are we doing about devotion to Mary?  Is it mediocre?  Have we a real interest in a living devotion to Mary?  Are we convinced that Mary must be placed before the faithful as the great means of grace and of overcoming satan?’  ‘To enkindle everywhere the fires of Divine Love.’  That will come about, says Montfort, with the practice of the Holy Slavery.  Of course every priest wants the Kingdom of Christ to be advanced in the hearts of all.  St. Louis-Marie is here offering us the means of hastening that hour.  But his devotion to Mary is no catch-phrase.  Here he brings before us the hard, unvarnished truth of the Cross.  That and that only is the perfect way of Mary!

It is the archer who directs the arrow, and the arrow will only attain the target insofar as it follows the aim and direction that has been given to it by the archer.  We have to leave ourselves in the hand of Mary to be directed by her.  We must be willing to serve her in any place at all.  Once we start seeking our own will in the service of God then we are not leaving ourselves in the hands of Mary, and we are not being directed by her.  This is a question of Mary’s spirit of obedience; it must be dominant in us.

The Immaculate Way


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