Union with Mary

‘Carrying the gold of love in their hearts’.  An ardent love of God and our neighbor.  Here we should realize that God may only want us to exercise that love practically in a very limited circle throughout our life.  We have the example of St. Therese of the Child Jesus burning with love for God and her neighbor yet confined to the four walls of the Carmelite convent of Lisieux.  She lavished that charity on those who lived with her.  Therefore although Montfort is speaking of Apostles, we should not be taken up with the idea of traveling to the four corners of the earth, but apostles doing the will of Mary wherever she wants us to be, and doing what she wants us to do.  It is by this ardent love of God and the practical love of our neighbor for the sake of God that we can bring down untold graces on others.

One way of progressing in this spirit of charity is to accustom ourselves to offering Mary everything in the following way.  We offer to her the faculties of our soul.

A) the memory: By this we tell Our Lady that we wish to refrain from reflecting deliberately on matters or occasions which could cause us to think or speak uncharitably.  Whenever we are tempted to think on past happenings that are apt to get us ‘worked-up’, we should make that short prayer to Mary: ‘I offer you my memory’.  We offer her our memory so that we may not look back in bitterness on any person or occasion that upset us or hurt our pride.

B) the understanding: We ask Our Lady to help us to judge charitably.  That we may never judge rashly the actions of our neighbor.  Therefore we offer her our understanding that we might see things as she would see them.

C) the will: We must want to think charitably.  We must want to be charitable.  Therefore in offering our will to Our Lady we must strive to act towards others as she herself would act.

We offer her our bodily faculties.

A) speech: We offer her our God-given power of speech in order to express the thoughts of charity which we have in our mind and the desire of charity which we have in our will.

B) hearing: That we will not listen willingly to unkind things said of others.

C) sight: That we will not take pleasure in seeing the discomfort or unhappiness of others.

D) touch: That we may use the gift of our hands to be of service to others.

 The Immaculate Way


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