Living with Mary

What does a mother do?  She gives her child life…She feeds it…She nourishes it… She clothes it…She takes care of it…She protects it…She guides it…She lavishes her love on it.  We come to Jesus for the life of grace, but He tells us: ‘Behold thy Mother.’  From Mary then let us draw all that we need in the spiritual life as a child would from its mother in the natural life.  Realizing our own nothingness, but at the same time Mary’s plenitude, let us turn to her and ask her to place in our soul all the graces we need.  First of all, those graces necessary for our state of life.

            The grace to do our daily actions well.

            The grace to rise promptly as an act of mortification.

            The grace to meditate well.

            The grace to offer Mass devoutly.

            The grace to thank Our Lord becomingly after Holy Communion.

            The grace to do all our spiritual exercises well throughout the day.

            The grace to be charitable to others.

            The grace to be obedient.

            The grace to be humble.

            The grace to be detached.

            The grace to be pure in mind and body.

            The grace to work well at uncongenial tasks.

We should seek all graces from Our Lady.  That is not only the graces that we need ourselves but also all the graces that we desire for others.  Therefore no matter what the grace or favor, let us ask it of her.

But not only must we ask through Mary, but Mary must be working through us.  We come to her acknowledging our nothingness and reminding her of the words of her own Divine Son, ‘Behold thy Mother’.  We leave ourselves in her hands that she may make us pleasing to her Son.

The Immaculate Way


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