Confidence in Mary – I

It is when we realize that all our strength comes through Mary, the Mediatrix of graces, that we see the need of turning to her in order to be supported in trials.

‘In the crosses, trials and disappointments of life, to be consoled.’  Often we may be discouraged by the ingratitude or thoughtlessness of others.  If Mary were our constant refuge we would be helped to share in her unfailing kindness and understanding.  ‘In scruples’…These can bring great worry and affliction.  It is the spiritual equivalent of seeing spots before one’s eyes.  Why not then turn to Mary asking her help to see things in their right perspective?  In a word, our life should be one of absolute confidence in Our Lady.

Besides leading us to that confidence in Mary, our esteem for her, if it is really worthy of the name, will lead us to imitate her virtues.  That is the acid test.  Do our devotions help to make us love God more?  That is only logical because if we love anyone we will do what we can to please that person.  Likewise if we love Our Lady we will do what we can to please her, and we know that the only was we can do that is by loving her Divine Son more.  Furthermore, if a person is our ideal that person will influence our life.  Consequently, a devotion that brings Mary into everything is bound to make our life holier because Mary is the holiest of all God’s creatures.

The Immaculate Way


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