True Devotion to Mary

When a devotion becomes practical it is bound to help immensely.  It is then something based on profound convictions.  The very fact that we are trying to do all things as Mary would do them, is bound to strengthen us considerably in doing good.  It should help us to be courageous in our striving after the perfection of the spiritual life.  When we fall we realize only too well our weakness and sinful tendencies.  If we really want to overcome a fault we will strive more and more to make an effort to bring in the practice of the opposite virtue in the spirit of Our Lady.  It takes courage to make that effort but the imitation of Mary will aid us in that.  That will be the proof of our love.  If there is no effort at imitating Our Lady we are not living this devotion but merely honoring her with our lips!

It should help us to rise again after a fall.  We sin through our own pride or through our weakness in not asking God for His helping grace.  A perfect devotion to Mary will remind us constantly of our own weakness and help us to turn to her in everything.  Nor should we forget that satan will do his utmost to stifle devotion to Mary in a soul.  We must be on our guard against any relaxation in devotion to Our Lady.  It must be constant.  We must keep up what we have undertaken for her.  The devil will encourage any slackening and make his entry by sounding our weak spots.  Let us note here that all resolutions are weak until they have become ingrained habits.  If we decide to do something for Our Lady then be watchful against slipping back.

The Immaculate Way


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