Living with Mary – I

In every action we ask Mary to enlighten us that we may avoid the imperfections that come from self-love or pride.  By renouncing ourselves and striving after the perfection of Mary our actions are embellished by the spirit of Mary.

With regard to our satisfactions, we give these to Mary that she may communicate them to whomsoever she pleases for the greater glory of God. Strangely enough this is a point that deters some from making this consecration.  Really it should be one of the great reasons for encouraging us to make it.  It is little that we have to offer and in return we have Mary Immaculate praying on our behalf.  Of course it may be objected that our relatives and friends will suffer if we leave everything in Mary’s hands!  Such a thought shows little understanding of the love of God.  It is a very poor opinion of the power and goodness of Jesus and Mary to think that others would suffer because of our generosity to Them!  Montfort’s consecration does not mean that we cannot pray for our relatives and friends and others.  Of course we can.  Knowing, however, that Our Lady understands the greater glory of God better than ourselves we leave all our prayers in her hands.  We must always remember that Our Lady will never be outdone in generosity.  The prayers of great and saintly souls may be used by her on our behalf.  It is most significant that once a person practices the True Devotion all these hesitations completely vanish.  Others suggest that if everything is given to Our Lady, then perhaps they will suffer longer in Purgatory!  St. Louis-Marie answers that attitude of mind – and a strange attitude it is: ‘A fervent and generous soul who values God’s interests more than his own, who gives God all he has without reserve, till he can give no more, who desires only the glory and reign of Jesus Christ through His Holy Mother, and to gain which he sacrifices himself  utterly: will this generous and unselfish soul, I ask, be punished in the next world for having been more generous and unselfish than others?’

The Immaculate Way


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