Consecration to Mary – II

This realization of what the obligation of Baptism means is of great importance in the Christian life.  Yet mankind is so forgetful of these obligations.  St. Augustine reminds us that the vows of Baptism are the greatest ones, from which we can never be dispensed.  ‘Yet who keeps this great vow?  Who faithfully fulfills the promises of Holy Baptism?  Do not almost all Christians swerve from the loyalty which they promised Jesus Christ in their Baptism?’

It is by the practical remembrance of our consecration that this habitual forgetfulness is counteracted.  By living the True Devotion we seek the guidance of Mary in all our actions.  We wish to make them as perfect an offering as we can to our Blessed Lord.  As those obligations of Baptism will always exist, why not then ratify them in this perfect way?  The best way to keep mindful of our obligations to Our Blessed Lord is to be always aware that we are His subjects.  This can be done in a perfect manner by a total consecration of ourselves through the hands of Mary.  We could just recall those important ceremonies of Baptism.

The Immaculate Way


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