True Devotion to Mary – III

To give means that we do not retract.  If we receive a gift we accept it knowing that we can use it as we wish.  That is the idea that Montfort has.  We give it to Mary.  It is her gift from us.  Then, belonging to her she can dispose of it as she pleases.  With this attitude of a gift to Mary many of our actions for God will be enhanced.  We know that we spoil a lot of our opportunities for God by our lack of generosity.  We can lay down so many conditions, so many ‘ifs and buts’.  By this consecration we make that surrender to God because we offer ourselves entirely to His service.  The whole beauty of this devotion lies in the fact that nothing is reserved to us.  We give God everything.  That ‘everything’ implies not just things, but the way we would want to go about them.  We make that sacrifice of our own preferences.  Thus we try to draw all the dross of self-interest from the gold of our good works.  That is why we adopt the spirit of Mary.  With her aid and under her tutelage we try to rid ourselves of self.

We want Christ to live in us.  Therefore every action done as mary would do it is an action performed against the inclination of self.  This applies especially to those things which we are asked to do but against which we rebel inwardly.  Perhaps this arises because we don’t like what is being asked of us, or maybe simply because of the person who is asking us to do it.  Let us then say to ourselves, ‘Mary would accept this as something to be done for her Divine Son, then I will accept it and do it as she would’.

 The Immaculate Way


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