Marian Consecration

The excellence of this consecration is obvious from that point of view that it leads a person to generosity in the service of God.  If our work for Him is to be fruitful there must be great generosity on our part.  That was the secret of the saints.  When we examine their lives we are often amazed at their power in prayer.  The answer is simple enough.  They never sought anything for themselves.  All they wanted was the glory of God.  There was no self-interest in anything they prayed for.  We could think of Montfort’s prayer for missionaries.  He does not mention himself, but prays ardently for God to be glorified in Mary.  St. Therese of Lisieux prayed for the conversion of a sinner (Pranzini) so that another could be among those glorifying God in heaven.  She daringly asked God that her mission would continue from heaven.  ‘I will spend my heaven in doing good upon earth.’  Millions have benefited by that prayer.  Power with God is always measured by the generosity we show in His service.  It is when we love God unreservedly, when God is our one interest and desire that our prayers become centered on Him.  There is no limit then to our desire for God’s glory.  Our prayers become more and more daring because all we want is God’s glory.  Is it any wonder that the saints could obtain such great graces for others?  The secret that is theirs can be ours – generosity with God.

The Immaculate Way


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