True Devotion to Mary – V

Some seem to think that the True Devotion is merely a question of our giving to Mary.  There is another side to it.  Mary gives herself to us.  Love is reciprocal.  We give to Mary and she gives to us.  Greater love will always mean greater expression of that love between people.  Where Our Lady sees love expressed by complete donation of self, she also will return that love.  Mary knows that the intention for such a donation is that she may reign in order to promote the glory of her Divine Son.  Mary sees that whole life being offered to her.  She who is all zealous for the glory of her Son will use that offering.  As that soul is offering everything to her we can understand that ‘she causes him to be engulfed in the abyss of her graces.’  It is to be noted, however, what St. Louis-Marie says here: ‘If he be faithful…’  This devotion to Mary is our pearl of great price for which we must give up everything.  We will be tempted often, not to retract our consecration, but to let its actual application slip away, so that gradually we could forget all about it.  Then it would become a thing of the past and no real effort would be made to bring the spirit of Mary into our daily life.  Consequently even though a person is consecrated by an act to Our Lady, no effects of union will be produced unless an effort is made at living the consecration.  Daily we must strive to live more consciously, more interiorly and more faithfully our consecration to Mary.  Love is reciprocal.  If we cease to give ourselves entirely we cannot expect Mary to give herself entirely to us, nor bring about the effects that St. Louis-Marie enumerates.

The Immaculate Way


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