The Will of Mary

It is quite true what St. Louis-Marie says: Scarcely anyone works for that noble end (i.e. the glory of God)…either because we do not know where God’s greater glory is to be found, or because we do not desire it.’  What is generally desired is our own will and we hope that God will co-operate in effecting it.  By this consecration we make that sacrifice of our own will to Mary and strive after her devotion to the Will of God in everything.  What God wants we want.  Our own will does not become anything passive, but powerfully active, acting in union with the Will of God.  By detaching us from our own will this devotion thus seeks to promote God’s glory in us.  It is attachment to our own desires that form the obstacles to the perfection of God’s Will in us.  Henceforward the question that must be the yardstick of our actions is not, ‘What would I want?’ but ‘What would Our Lady want?’  If it is confidence and assurance that we need in the service of God then we have it here.  It is this that answers the troubles of so many people.  With good desires in their hearts some, perhaps, may wonder, if they should be doing something else for God.  It is at times a form of temptation.  They begin to think that their present occupations are worthless and they should be doing something else.  For example, it may be a housewife who thinks that it would be better if she were occupied with other things more closely and more directly connected with the active apostolate.  Thus it can be a temptation for her to leave aside what are essential duties of state in the mistaken idea that she is devoting herself to ‘good works’.   In reality it is merely an attachment to her own desires.  If she were to practice the perfection of Our Lady she would realize that the Will of God for her primarily is to live her married life.  God wills all those seemingly insignificant actions that are connected with the daily round and which are so necessary for the smooth running of a home.

Let her try to seek the perfection of Mary in those actions.  It brings them a sense of security in the service of God.  God does not need any of us.  Therefore let us seek His love in the small things He does ask us to do.  If done with Mary, in Mary and for Mary they are being offered in as perfect a manner as possible.

The Immaculate Way


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