The Perfection of Mary

By calling Our Lady a short way to Jesus, Montfort means that in following her we do not wander.  In other words time is not lost on our way to Christ.  We are on a road that will lead infallibly to Our Blessed Lord.

If we want to be absolutely sure of reaching a destination at an appointed time we always take the road that we know and are sure of, rather than one about which we are hazy.  We do not want to run the risk of going astray and losing valuable time.  In seeking the perfection of Mary we know exactly where we are going.

In the way of perfection, that is of conforming ourselves to Our Blessed Lord, the most perfect pattern has been set by Our Lady.  In following her we are following a pattern woven specially for the human race by the Immaculate Mother of God.  Do we think that by striking out on our own we could better it?

The Immaculate Way


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