Love of God

A person begins to love Our Blessed Lady, but the progress does not stop there.  By loving & serving her we are giving ourselves up more and more to her influence, and she, then, will lead us to understand and love more her Divine Son.  Through her we shall be led to understand the Person of God as revealed to us in the Incarnate Word, the Jesus Christ of the Gospels.  By understanding more Who He is, the God-Man, we then begin to understand His own words: ‘No man can come to the Father except through Me.’

With what tender care she must love every soul, for which mother would allow any harmful thing to approach near her child?  Nobody holds a higher place in Mary’s heart than God.  All her desire now is to enhance the glory of God in those whom He came on earth to redeem.

Interior liberty means that there is no servile fear in our approach to God.  Neither is there worry.  Seeking after the perfection of Mary is an assurance itself that we are doing the right thing.  We are assured we are doing God’s Will by following the path of Mary.  Thus our minds are at peace.  In every action we try to act as if Our Lady were in our place.  We know quite well that she would not act out of pride or self-love.  Consequently the motive that we must constantly place before ourselves is that of the pure love of God.

The Immaculate Way


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