True Devotion to Mary – IX

The True Devotion is no ‘easy way out’.  We do not lose sense of responsibility and attribute everything to Our Lady.  It is not a question of ‘I don’t think for myself; I do what Our Lady would do’.  It is not that at all.  We certainly think for ourselves.  We do this by considering the example of Our Lady.  We force ourselves to consider her greater perfection in any given action.  We know that she would not choose anything that gave lesser glory to God.

Consequently, the more we seek to make Mary the model of all our actions, the more we are praying that her spirit of love will increase in our hearts.

By the gradual practice of it we are removing ourselves more and more from the extreme of servility and increasing in the service of love.  It is love alone that understands the meaning of sacrifice.

Servility has never been the hallmark of sanctity.  This devotion we must remember is a Slavery of Love.  It leads to the understanding of God’s love for us and the desire to love Him as much as possible in return.

The Immaculate Way


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