Marian Consecration – II

This way of life with Mary counteracts that tendency.  We deliberately place her before us as the model of all our actions.  The whole point of this devotion is that we do make that deliberate effort to imitate Our Lady.  If that effort is not made we are not practicing this devotion.  Thus one can readily understand how by living this consecration we are helping ourselves to persevere in the grace of God.  Our spiritual life is lived and considered in the light of Mary.  Her spirit is the guide of our actions.  Obviously a person who is sincerely doing this is at the same time seriously trying to avoid sin.

Once we realize our own weakness we will never rely on ourselves.  The words of Our Lord have a deep meaning for us: ‘Without Me you can do nothing.’  We can neither acquire nor conserve grace.  That is why we take Mary as our Treasury.  We ask her to preserve the grace of God in our soul.

The Immaculate Way


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