True Devotion to Mary – X

As the spiritual life is something we must foster we must turn to Mary and allow her to be our means of perseverance.  Then she becomes, in the comparison of St. John Damascene, the ‘Firm Anchor’ of our spiritual life.  It is an excellent comparison because a ship can be tossed and buffeted but as long as it is held firm it will be safe.  Likewise with us.  In the spiritual life there will be many temptations, many buffetings, but firmly attached to the Mother of God we will come through them all safely.

Thus we can see how much depends on ourselves.  It is for us to attach ourselves to Mary and to depend on her in everything.  That is how Our Lady becomes for us a means of ‘keeping from failing in the practice of virtue or falling by the wayside by losing her Son’s grace.’  Everything in then entrusted to Mary.  At prayer our first intention is: ‘Mary, I place this in your hands.’  At Mass: ‘Mary, help me in this Mass to unite with your act of adoration.’  And so on throughout the day.  Our spiritual life is lived with Our Lady and everything in it is confided to her.  It is an act (which can become a habit) by which we turn directly to Mary and offer her everything that we do.  It is an added grace that will help us to persevere.

Do not rely on self…That is the whole emphatic message of the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

The Immaculate Way


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