True Devotion to Mary – XI

‘Be sure, that if you remain faithful to the interior and exterior practices of this devotion…the following effects will be produced in your soul.’  The effects that St. Louis-Marie enumerates do not come simply after making the act of consecration.  Again he reminds us of that essential point that we must practice the True Devotion in order to obtain those effects.  That is something we must never forget.  The True Devotion is a way of life.  The consecration is only a beginning of a very long road.  The mere fact that we buy a ticket for a journey will not get us to our destination.  We must co-operate with the travel agency.  Only by co-operating with them and using the transport provided will we arrive at our destination.  It is the same with devotion to Mary.  By the consecration we hand everything to her.  But after that we just do not stand still.  We must co-operate with Our Lady.  It is through that we attain our objective which is union with her Divine Son.

Therefore the practice of the True Devotion must be the focal point of our spiritual life.  In our meditations, our examinations of conscience we must constantly strive to bring in the spirit of Mary…The perfection of the True Devotion must be sought after.  When gained it must be guarded with care.  Those effects will come if the effort is made, just as in a garden one will get the results if one works for them.

The Immaculate Way


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