Spirit of Faith

To realize our own nothingness is to realize how much we need the help that Our Lady can give us.  Grace does not come from any effort of ours.

It is that we may share in such a spirit of faith that we seek the imitation of Mary’s virtues.  That our faith may become ‘firm and unshakeable as a rock’.  We have only to read the lives of the saints to see that the virtue of faith was always severely tested.  The further one progresses in the way of prayer the more one relies on that foundation of faith.  God detaches a soul gradually from external things until it comes to desire God only.  Its very way of prayer is then purified from all sensible and spiritual attachments.  The one light that guides a person on this road of perfection is faith.  Montfort strengthens us throughout these trials by offering us the protection of Our Lady.  It is on this point that Montfort gives the key to perseverance throughout the greatest trials of the spiritual life…

            Live with Mary and in Mary and let her sustain your faith.

‘Therefore the more you gain the benevolence of this august Princess and faithful Virgin, the more will pure faith be evident in your conduct.’  And what need we have of pure, unquestioning faith in God!  Where there is deep faith there will be no distress or upset or annoyance.  ‘Let not your heart be distressed.’  The stronger our faith then the deeper will be our peace of soul.

This is by no means easy.  We will need great help if we are to persevere.  Our Blessed Lady can give us that help.  St. Louis-Marie shows the qualities needed in our faith.  We can note here that these words of St. Louis-Marie are the basis of the great prayer for faith said daily by members of the Legion of Mary.

The Immaculate Way


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