Consecration to Mary – V

Of the many things that prevent the pure love of God scruples is the most common.

This can be a real temptation to those who are striving to serve God faithfully.  It is a trial through which many souls go.  They want to serve God.  The temptation then arises to worry whether they are really serving Him.  Consequently a delicate conscience can lead to the morass of scrupulosity.

A calming effect can come from one’s consecration to Mary.  The very fact that we wanted all our actions to be an act of love for Jesus through Mary is bound to reassure us.  Her perfection is our ideal but very often we fail in attaining it.  That itself keeps us humble.  We will keep on trying and leave everything in her hands.  Such devotion to Mary leads to a trusting confidence in her.  We know we are incapable of good ourselves, so our hearts become our gift to Mary so that she may love her Divine Son through us.  It does not mean we will never fall.  But when we do we are not annoyed at our weakness nor smarting under the humiliation.  We are sorry that we have hurt the love of God, and realize more the need of Mary’s help and guidance.

Thus continued confidence in God is consequent on participating in the spirit of Mary’s faith.  She is always before us as the great means of increasing in the pure love of God.  It is not our motives that we seek to follow but hers.  Just as a child expects everything from its mother, so do we turn to Mary with confidence in her for all our needs.  The paradox of the True Devotion is once again brought to our mind.  We give everything to Mary.  But does it not turn out that we are constantly drawing on her goodness?  All our trust is in her, not in ourselves.  Undoubtedly we are the gainers.

The Immaculate Way


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