The soul of Mary will communicate itself to you to glorify the Lord.  Her spirit will take the place of yours to rejoice in God, your Savior, provided you are faithful to the practice of this devotion.’

The soul is now under the influence of Mary just as a pupil can be under the influence of a competent teacher.  As we can easily be imbued with the spirit of one greater than us, so now we are gradually imbued with the spirit of Mary.  But notice again how Montfort insists: ‘Provided you are faithful to this devotion’.  The point can never be insisted on too much that the True Devotion is a way of life.  Only when it is followed consistently will those results be obtained.

Such a result as this influence of Mary can obviously only come to pass when a person allows Our Blessed Lady to have complete dominion over him.  Half-hearted attempts at the True Devotion will never suffice.  No half-hearted attempts ever produced sanctity.

The Immaculate Way


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