The Incarnation and Mary

‘When will souls breathe Mary as the body breathes the air?’  That is the wonderful comparison used by St. Louis-Marie.  It is one that shows what he meant by complete absorption in Mary.  As breathing is a sign of life, so our devotion to Mary must be the very life-breath of our spiritual life.  As we depend on air for life, so we depend on Mary for all the graces we need.  Furthermore as we breathe naturally without adverting to the fact, so likewise does Montfort wish us to attain to the stage where Mary is just as easily part of our spiritual life.  Mary becomes everything to the soul so that the soul may become everything to Christ.  As Jesus placed Himself in Mary at the Incarnation, so we place ourselves spiritually in her.  We draw from her our spiritual life-blood as He drew His natural life-blood.

 For that reason St. Louis-Marie encourages us to have a special devotion to the mystery of the Incarnation.

It is the mystery of the Incarnation that helps us to understand more what devotion to Our Lady is.  Here we have to face the fact that Our Blessed Lord depended on Mary.  It was freely chosen, we know, but it was all part of His deliberate action in redeeming the world.  He could have dispensed with Mary but He did not…She, in God’s eyes is the most perfect and pleasing of His creation.  Consequently the more we resemble her the more pleasing we are to God.

We give ourselves to Mary that she may perfect in us the knowledge and love of Christ.  There is none she loves more because He is her God and her Son.

We honor Our Lord when we follow His example.  In this devotion to the Incarnation we honor His dependence on Mary, which He undertook for our salvation.  Furthermore, it is an acknowledgement to God of the honor and dignity that he conferred on Our Lady.  To slight anyone is to slight God’s creation.  To slight Our Lady is to slight the loveliest of His creation.  He chose her to be His Mother.  What honor could anyone confer on God by disregarding His Mother?

The Immaculate Way


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