Slavery of Love

It is this dependence of Our Lord on His Mother that gives this devotion its title ‘Slavery of Love’.  As Jesus gave everything to Mary and depended entirely on her, so we, in imitation of Our Lord, give ourselves completely to her and depend entirely on her.  As we hold nothing back we become literally her slaves of love.  We seek Jesus in Mary.  We seek Him in her through whom He began the work of our redemption.  If only we thought for a few moments on that great truth – that the work of our own personal redemption was begun by Jesus in Mary.  Jesus offered there on our behalf, for each of us personally, infinite acts of adoration to His Eternal Father.  In gratitude we should try to enter in spirit into that mystery of the Incarnation, and join with Jesus in Mary in those acts of adoration.  The beginning of grace for us was begun in Mary.  Let us continue it in Mary.  That is the meaning of the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

The Immaculate Way


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