Effects of the True Devotion

The more we live in the spirit of Mary, the greater will be the love of God that informs those acts.  The more we seek Our Lady in everything then obviously the less we will be seeking ourselves.  Self-love, pride, gratification at personal results gradually vanish as pure love of God takes root in our hearts.  No one can possibly practice the True Devotion sincerely without that result taking place.

We deliberately abandon our own intentions in order that our actions will be informed with the purest of intentions – that of Mary’s desire for the glorification of her Divine Son.

We try to view each action as something that can be offered to Our Lady.  Because she can use it for the greater glory of her Son, then in her spirit I will strive to eliminate all self-interest or avoidance of the Cross.  I will try to bring into this action the perfection and love of God that She herself would give if it were asked of her.

Manifestly it is perfectly true what St. Louis-Marie states: ‘By this devotion, faithfully observed, you will give more glory to Jesus Christ in a month than by any other, however difficult, in many years.’  This devotion leads to that gradual rooting out of self-love which is the cause of so much of our spiritual failings.

God is glorified by the humble heart that seeks not itself, but simply and solely the Will of God.  He is glorified when His holiness is acknowledged by our approaching Him through Mary.

The Immaculate Way


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