The ‘World of God’

God wishes to be glorified in His saints.  They are people who lead us to Him.  How much more so must He wish to be glorified in Mary?  She is the masterpiece of His Hands.  The more she is known the greater love will there be for Christ.  She is the Dawn which precedes the rising Sun.  She is the way that Christ came to us.  Let us then make her the very way that we want Him to come to our hearts.  St. Louis-Marie has a wonderful title for Our Lady, ‘The World of God’.  She is God’s secret.  It is the grace to enter that world of God we pray for in preparing for our Consecration.  We wish to enter there to find God.  St. Louis-Marie de Montfort is a canonized Saint of the Church.  During his life he attained to great holiness.  Speaking on sanctity he says: ‘I do not think that anyone can acquire an intimate union with Our Lord and a perfect fidelity to the Holy Ghost without a very close union with Our Blessed Lady, and a great dependence on her aid.  To Mary alone has God given the keys of the cellars of Divine Love, the power to enter the most sublime and secret ways of perfection, and the power to bring others into these ways.’

The Immaculate Way


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