True Devotion to Mary – XIV

In this perfect devotion to Mary the Act of Consecration is but the first step.  It is the life of union with Mary that is the important consequence of it…If we desire to live in dependence on Mary, to reflect her virtues in our life, to mirror her love of God, then something more must be done than the saying of an odd prayer.  If we want to acquire a great love of Jesus through Mary then we must set about that task in a methodical and persevering manner.

‘We should obey Mary in all things and allow ourselves to be led by her spirit.’  This is a test of our devotion.  Before each action place it in Mary’s hands so that she can offer it to God on our behalf.  We must try to acquire the mentality that by virtue of our Consecration we belong to Our Blessed Lady.  That is something that can only be acquired by constant practice.

The first step is to get into the habit of renewing the Consecration in its short form…This is not necessarily done in words, the very thought of it would suffice.  But in order for this to become a habit repeated actions must precede it.

Do not take on too much at the beginning.  It is better to start off by trying to recall the consecration at fixed and definite times…Offer the whole day through Mary’s hands.  Then select one moment during the day when you deliberately recall and renew again the Consecration.

Having got into the habit of frequently reminding ourselves and renewing our Consecration, we should then try to let this prayer to Mary influence the very actions we are doing at that moment.  If we remember that we belong to Our Lady then we should want the offering we are making to her to be a worthy offering…Before Mass, for example, try to place yourself with Mary on Calvary.  Ask that you may share in her spirit of adoration of God, in her spirit of union with Christ on the Cross.  Then place yourself before her and ask her to offer you to her Divine Son.  Should the thought of this come to you again during the Mass, then renew mentally that offering through Mary.

The Immaculate Way



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