Imitate Mary

In the spiritual life we turn to Mary.  She is the Mirror of Holiness and the most perfect of those who can lead us to Christ.  We ask her to teach us to live our life as she would have lived it.  Mary becomes the model of our actions.  We try to do all our actions with her, even what may seem insignificant ones.

Therefore let us ask her to place in us her desire of humility that we may desire it also.  We can do the same with the graces requested in the other decades…

Furthermore when at prayer begin it with Mary.  It is something we are going to offer together.  Then we can let the intentions of Our Lady be ours also.  Whatever she has in mind at this moment for the greater glory of God is what we desire at this moment also…Through practicing the True Devotion we are seeking God’s greater glory.

 The Immaculate Way


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