True Devotion to Mary – XV

The very fact that you are trying to bring the True Devotion into a definite part of your day means that you are trying to practice it.  It is noticeable, however, that if we seriously give one part of the day to Our Lady, it will of itself influence us at other times…It is by starting with small things that we gradually extend the spirit of Mary over our whole life.  Habits, especially good ones, take time to form.  Therefore we should know exactly which action we are definitely going to offer through Mary, or what part of the day we intend to remember our Consecration to her.  Finally make an examination on it during your evening prayers.

 The Immaculate Way



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3 responses to “True Devotion to Mary – XV

  1. Michelle Carter

    I am really wanting to start a “True Devotion To Mary ” study/prayer group in our parish. I have several ladies that would like to join. I joined a group about 5 or 6 years ago but was not able to finish. I would appreciate any help or guidance regarding this matter.

  2. Michelle Carter

    I have had so many road blocks in starting this group and really feel unworthy and not very knowledgable about this book and about Mary in general, but I have this ‘push’ from somewhere that keeps telling me to go for it! Thank you for the email you sent me a few months ago. I am now in the process of gathering books and have our first meeting set. many thanks

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