Devotion to Mary – XI

As every garden needs constant care, so must our devotion to Mary be assiduously tended.  Haphazard gardening is never successful.  The weeds will always grow again.  It is the same with the spiritual life.  It needs watching and tending.  The more care we give to it, the greater becomes our love and understanding of it.  Our willingness is shown by the care we take in fostering the love of God in our soul.  One grace leads to another and finally one’s whole perfection is attained through Our Blessed Lady.

Whatever is likely to prevent the growth of a tree must be uprooted.  Likewise mortification and penance must have their place in our life also.  By that attachments are rooted out.  Thus no obstacle to devotion to Mary is allowed to grow in our hearts.  Mortification, we must remember, is an essential requirement of the ascetical life.  It is something we must practice.  By it we oppose the growth of self-love.

The Immaculate Way


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