Total Consecration

We tell her that we are giving ourselves and all that is ours, in time and in eternity.  In this gift of ourselves we offer her everything that constitutes our very being.  We offer her our body and soul.  That means that we give her our senses…sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  We give her our interior faculties of memory, intellect and will.  All these are given to Mary.  They are faculties that henceforth must be used for her glory.  The very fact of remembering that gift of our consecration should help us to avoid sin.  Every time we sin we are using those God-given faculties against Him.  They are now a gift to Mary.  How then can we be sincere in our love of her if we deliberately use them to hurt her Son?

From our point of view everything is used for Our Lady.  That is we try to seek the perfection of Mary in everything.  We use our faculties and powers for her.

 The Immaculate Way


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