True Devotion to Mary – XVI

But we must be ready to let Mary do with us what she wishes: either for our faculties to be used in her service or for the sacrifice of them in order to bring graces to the souls of others.

Devotion to Mary brings that wondrous grace of love into our life.

We give to Mary all the qualities of our soul.  That means all our capacities for love and devotion.  We ask her to draw on that to the last.  As a slave is the possession of his master, so are we entirely the possession of Mary.  Just as the Precious Blood of Jesus was drained to the last drop for the salvation of sinners, so we consecrate ourselves to Mary that she can use us to our utmost for the glory of her Son.  This brings us to the Cross.  That is why devotion to Mary is such a sure means of sanctification.  By our docility in living the True Devotion we are molded in Mary and fitted perfectly to the Cross with Christ.  Like the silver being refined, we are gradually formed into the Image of Christ.  This is done through the crucible of the Cross.

Thus, we see the Blessed Virgin as the perfect way of completely renouncing and abandoning oneself to God.

The Immaculate Way


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