Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – I

This perfect devotion claims the soul with all its powers, all the manifestations of the spiritual life, of religion, and the whole cycle of liturgical mysteries.  It includes all special devotions, all pious confraternities, adapted as it is to the spirit of each of them and of every religious community.

The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Mary, to the Holy Name of Mary, to the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady, of the Scapular, of the Medal, of the Rosary, are only so many aspects and sides of the question.

Mary is the whole of which these special devotions take their shares.  The True Devotion is satisfied with nothing less than her soul and body in their entirety, with all their privileges and functions, all the virtue and the glory, the power and the goodness, the divine and the human maternity, Mary’s personality and Mary’s mind…all this it takes for the inspiration of our spiritual life, in that special way of which we will speak later on.

Mary is then Our Lady, Our Domina or Mistress, even as Jesus is Our Lord, our Dominus or Master.

But Blessed de Montfort goes further.  Our relation to Our Lord who is God is one of complete and necessary dependence.  As a result on the one hand of the hypostatic union, and on the other of our condition of creatures, Jesus Christ cannot but be our universal and absolute Master, in His character of God, Creator and Lord.  And it is neither lawful nor possible nor well for us to attempt to elude His authority.

(To be continued.)


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