Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden

Today, I will begin to post the entire book, The Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden, which is an excellent book explaining the True Devotion to Mary.


It Is A Secret

Its conditions: Blessed de Montfort, with his so keen, so just and so profound conception of the truth, conceives that he is in harmony with all scholastic and patristic tradition and more particularly with the Divine plan when he considers Mary as the means chosen by God, and therefore hypothetically necessary, as Blessed de Montfort puts it, for the birth of the Redeemer and the fulfillment of His mission as a Savior.  And she is also, as this almost indispensable means, infallible and intended by God for the sanctification and salvation of souls.

So that to look upon Mary according to this plan and, as God did, to give her the place which is her due, and as Our Lord was, to be subject to her, as is our bounden duty, is what Blessed de Montfort calls the True Devotion, but devotion carried to its utmost limit.  and theologically speaking, it is the only true way to honor her worthily and in which to approach Jesus in all reverence, and to sanctify ourselves perfectly, that he promises us in his wonderful SECRET OF HOLINESS.

This devotion is the HYPERDULIA, addressed to Our Lady with the same justification as the adoration of LATRIA which we address to Our Lord.

Our Lady, Our Lord; the connection and the analogy are clear.  It is a plenary worship.  The only difference lies in the essence of the act.  The one mounts upwards to Mary as toward the being privileged above all others; the other culminates in Jesus as in the only God.

(To be continued.)


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