Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – II

Without losing our sense of proportion, and in a very definite degree, Montfort would have us be in a similar dependence upon the Blessed Virgin.  But this will be no inevitable dependence, but one which will have its source in our love and our will.  For although Mary is the Queen and Empress of the world, it is on our hands to give her this power over us in the sense conceived by de Montfort.  This is what he calls the Holy Slavery of Love, and this is his Secret

Chosen Soul,’ says Blessed de Montfort, ‘here is a secret that the Most High has taught me, and which I have never been able to find in any book either ancient or modern.’

The words are strange, mysterious and full of hidden meaning.  Let us remove the rind, let us find the fruit and we shall know its exquisite flavour.

Chosen Soul.’  We must then be chosen.  There are then some who are not, and who will never taste the divine nectar of this teaching.  Why?

I. Because it is the mystery of the free and loving choice of the divine will.

II. Because many souls would not understand, would not correspond to this doctrine and would even neglect it.  And this, as de Montfort shows later, would be fatal.

III. Because doubtless God calls them to walk in a way less visibly devoted to Our Lady’s service, and consequently less easy.

The saints mentioned by de Montfort as explicitly sanctified through Mary are few in number, though all have received graces through her.  ‘Many are called but few chosen.’

(To be continued.)


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