Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – VI

This is the way in which Blessed de Montfort has renewed an ancient doctrine whose existence before him has been ascertained by recent profound study.  He has made use of already existing and familiar theories and methods to place them in their proper light and make them accessible to all.  We must then admit the justice of Père Lhoumeau’s remark: ‘Nevertheless he is justified in styling it a secret; first because, like everything supernatural, it encloses a hidden treasure; one that grace alone can disclose to us and enable us to appreciate; and secondly because only a few go beyond its outward practices, and enter into its real spirit.  On the other hand, as no book had so far explained this Devotion so completely or had made of it such a definite part of the spiritual life, de Montfort could truly say that he had found this secret in no book ancient or modern.’

(To be continued.)


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