Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XIV

But man is not only a creature subject to God; he is also the image of God.  ‘And God created man to His own image.’  Therein lies his real nobility and the reason of those words of the Almighty: ‘Let us make man…and let him have dominion…upon the earth.’

Of course, all created things, whatever their degree, are the image of God and bear witness to Him.  But man is His last word, His masterpiece, the king of creation, what has been called a microcosm, a little world of marvels.

It is necessary to know that when God formed the first man and the first woman, He had in view Him Who should come and her who was to give Him birth: Jesus and Mary.  And this is why the Divine Artist made even His understudy so beautiful and so perfect.  To both, Holy Church applies these enthusiastic words of the Sage: ‘For she is the brightness of eternal light and the unspotted mirror of God’s majesty and the image of His goodness.’


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