Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XVII

And now is not de Montfort right when he cries to the soul that has risen to these sublime heights, raised as it is to this divine rank: ‘The Will of God regarding you is that you become holy like Him in this life and glorious like Him in the next‘?

How should we be the perfect image of the Heavenly Father if we did not resemble Him in holiness?

Holiness moreover is of obligation, if we wish really to live in this divine relationship in which sanctifying grace establishes us.  It is, besides, an inevitable condition of future glory.

And so Montfort rightly adds: ‘To attain to the holiness of God is therefore your real vocation.’  What a statement!

Thither all your thoughts, words and actions, your sufferings and all the happenings of your life must be directed, or you are resisting God in not doing that for which He has created you and still preserves you.  To attain to the holiness of God is to attain a very small portion of the divine holiness and place it in our human life.  Divine life by sanctifying grace, divine holiness by our co-operation in the divine action of grace.  ‘Be holy as your Heavenly Father in holy.’

To go to God by means of holiness is then our sure vocation.  And I hear the eager Apostle of the Gentiles ceaselessly urging us to be faithful to this heavenly calling, charging us to use all our powers to follow this divine summons, in small things as in great, in the small still more than in the great because they are more frequent.

‘That holiness which would only be baked by the fire of extraordinary actions,’ says Père Charles quaintly, ‘would be no one’s daily bread.’  We must begin by practicing the interior life, by being faithful in little things, adapting ourselves diligently to all the urgings of grace.  Let it be our fear lest we grieve the Holy Spirit in our souls.

(To be continued.)


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