Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XIX

How beautiful if God’s masterpiece, man!  How beuatiful is God’s image, the human soul!  But how far more beautiful is the human soul which lives by the very life of God through sanctifying grace and its own constant part of personal effort!

There is nothing more beautiful than the holy soul.  I think it was S. Teresa who said that we should die of joy if we saw a soul in the state of grace.  How would it be if our eyes could contemplate the marvelous soul of a saint in which would be reflected as in a mirror the infinite perfections of the Creator!

And so Montfort draws the conclusion, ‘the creation of the whole universe is not so great a wonder as this.’  The universe is dumb, blind and deaf, it does not love, it does not pray.  It only declares in magnificent language the glory of God.  But the holy soul lives by God, prays to Him, loves Him, and adores Him.  The life of God is his life.  God is his Father.  And this holiness, necessary and possible with the grace of God, is the sure and royal road which leads to the beatific Vision of God, to that place among the ranks of the blest, made by the soul and for the soul, its everlasting dwelling.

(To be continued.)


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  1. Nice Blog! Keep it up!

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