Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XX

2. In order to sanctify ourselves, we must practice virtue.

Man created in the image of God, redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, revived by sanctifying grace, is faced by an inevitable problem.  If it is true that all does not end with death in the grave, where his body will be laid, if it is true that his soul survives the decay of its earthly fellow pilgrim, that it longs to live and is destined to live an endless life, the soul must then have the wisdom and the prudence to ensure to itself the possession of that life.  Hence the problem of its destiny.  To ensure the enjoyment of this future glorious life, which in reality is only the consummation, the flowering of the Christian life, we have understood that the acquiring of holiness is absolutely necessary.  At least it is indispensable to close our eyes and our earthly course in the friendship of God, for nothing that is not pure, just and conformable to the eternal law shall enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

(To be continued.)


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