Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XXII

The means of attaining salvation and holiness,’ says de Montfort, ‘are known to all.  They are mentioned in the Gospel, explained by the Masters of the spiritual life, practiced by the saints, and are necessary to everyone who desires to attain salvation.’  When the Son of God on the day of the Incarnation descended into the most pure womb of Mary, He brought with Him a religion which has regenerated the world.  He preached the Gospel.  The Gospel is a body of doctrine capable of satisfying intelligences and wills however eager for supernatural wisdom or moral perfection.  The most exacting thinkers in their most profound and sagacious investigations have not exhausted the wealth of ideas in its seams or the meaning, sublime and ever new, with which its mine is fraught.

Saints of the most exalted virtue have yet to mount the boundless heights of which it teaches.  The Gospel, then, is able to satisfy those most exacting as to doctrine and perfection.

For three years the Savior preached this doctrine of divine knowledge and supernatural holiness; to an amazed world He showed virtues which were ldeal, new, attractive.  He taught ceaselessly a sublime, consoling doctrine, so strong that the finest minds quailed before it, so luminous that the boldest conceptions of human reason paled in its light, so moral that it was to transform the world, and be the means by which material being could rise to the dizzy heights of sanctity.

(To be continued.)


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